The gamified solution that stimulates employee engagement

Centralise employee performance data to set personalised objectives and to effectively lead, reward and coach your teams on a daily basis.

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Fire Tiger for target tracking

Steering of objectives

Easy to use and connected to your tools,
Fire Tiger allows your teams to consult
their objectives and performances in a clear and playful way.

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Managing challenges on the Fire Tiger application

Digital Challenges

With Fire Tiger, you can create and distribute
custom challenges in no time !

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Fire Tiger for performance analysis

Performance analysis

Give your teams the keys to visualise their progress and identify the actions they need to take to achieve their objectives.

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Coaching 1:1

Provide your managers with a new generation tool specifically designed to engage and coach their teams on a daily basis in all circumstances.

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Gamification in Fire Tiger

Advanced Gamification

Use the levers of Gamification to motivate each profile and enhance the performance of each individual.

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Reward management in Fire Tiger

Rewards management

Automate and manage the calculation of target-based bonuses, reward and animate the performance of your employees through a marketplace that's both unique and tailored to your specifications.

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