No more long and complex challenges to organise!

With Fire Tiger, you can create and distribute
custom challenges in no time !

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Simply select the KPIs to be measured
Opt for automated and error-free monitoring.
Maximise the support of your teams
Managing challenges on the Fire Tiger application

Digitalise and modernise
your incentives

Because mobility is becoming a strategic axis for companies, your participants can access the solution from any support (PC, tablet or mobile).

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Ogranisation of challenge with Fire Tiger

Organise challenges
without limits

With Fire Tiger, motivate your teams with a variety of challenges, organised for the whole company or directly by your managers!

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Automatic and customised integration of your KPIs

Easily integrate your different data sources (ERP, CRM, BI, business tools, etc.). Select the KPIs you wish to incentivise and prioritise them according to their importance.

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Gamification in Fire Tiger

The power of Gamification dedicated to performance

Multi-criteria rankings, points, levels, badges, profiles, animations... Find all the gamification levers in a modern and professional interface!

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Reward management in Fire Tiger

Finally, a reward system that suits all tastes!

Thanks to their performance, your employees earn points that they can convert into rewards in a fully tailor-made marketplace (gift cards, get-togethers, donations to associations, etc.).

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With Fire Tiger, effectively manage, animate and reward the performance of your teams.