ALL your employees are PLAYERS!

Use the levers of Gamification to motivate each profile and enhance the performance of each individual.

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Rankings, points, levels, badges, profiles...
Adaptable and scalable
Promotes the commitment of your teams
Advanced Gamification in the Fire Tiger solution

Tailor-made and adapted to your different teams!

Because all your teams are special, we work with you to build the gamified experience best suited to your context, challenges and player profiles.

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Fire Tiger solution on Iphone

The power of Gamification dedicated to performance

Multi-criteria rankings, points, levels, badges, profiles, animations... Find all the gamification levers in a modern and professional interface!

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Customised ranking in the Fire Tiger solution

Create positive competition through rankings

Individual or collective, linked to quantitative and qualitative indicators, rely on rankings designed to be dynamic and benevolent.

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Reward management in Fire Tiger

Celebrate, Value and Reward your teams

Reward individual and collective achievements in a fun and visual way. Increase the motivation of your teams by animating their achievements every week.

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Managing notifications in the application

Manage your notifications

Create more synergies and pace the days of your employees thanks to personalized notifications.
Depending on your choice, they can be distributed from the app, on the web, by email or by carrier pigeons!

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With Fire Tiger, effectively manage, animate and reward the performance of your teams.