No more Excel file to track goals!

Easy to use and connected to your tools,
Fire Tiger allows your teams to consult
their objectives and performances in a clear and playful way.

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Fire Tiger for target tracking
Monitor, adjust and prioritise objectives
Icon Performance analysis
Measure performance in real time
Lead and coach your employees

Set relevant objectives that are aligned with your challenges

Individual or collective, quantitative or qualitative, short or long term, communicate clear objectives to all your teams. Prioritise their importance, to stay on course in all circumstances.

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Achieving goals has never been so motivating!

Achieving regular goals puts your employees in a positive mindset. Rely on a solution specifically designed to engage and motivate your teams on a daily basis.

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Fire Tiger solution on Iphone
Employees who use Fire Tiger

Support change and facilitate adoption

In a world where organisations and working methods often change, the acceptance of new processes and tools by your employees becomes a key issue. Foster commitment to ensure the success of your transformation projects.

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Gamification in Fire Tiger

The power of Gamification dedicated to performance

Multi-criteria rankings, points, levels, badges, profiles, animations... Find all the gamification levers in a modern and professional interface!

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Build team loyalty and create more synergies

Autonomy increases responsibility and also gives employees a stake in the company's success.
Create collaboration and positive competition with collective goals.

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With Fire Tiger, effectively manage, animate and reward the performance of your teams.